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Shop in an eco-friendly, stylish way using RTЯ Bag’s sustainable packaging and reusable grocery bags. We are New York’s premier provider of luxury packaging and a source for custom environmental bags. 

Choose eco-friendly packaging or bags for groceries, errands, or shopping. By doing this, you are helping reduce plastic waste and the environmental impact of retail shopping. It’s indeed a better option because it doesn’t easily break, unlike single-use plastic bags. With their durable material, you won’t have a problem carrying your purchases. 

At RTЯ Bag, we believe that all businesses should contribute toward a green planet. Thanks to the growing awareness of environmental issues, more stores are banning single-use plastic bags and offering eco-friendly shopping or grocery bags. It brings us great joy that many companies nowadays are implementing environmental initiatives, even in small ways. We hope to work with more businesses with the same values and goal—to keep the earth healthy and thriving. 

For individuals or companies still needing sustainable bags or packaging alternatives, contact us to order. Our high-quality grocery bags are only made from recyclable materials. Its design can be customized depending on your preferred look or aesthetic.

Custom Packaging Materials

Proudly present your brand with our custom packaging materials. We are your source for custom-printed environmental bags, online packaging, boxes, wrapping tissue, garment bags, ribbon, gift wrap, labels, and much more. These serve as walking advertisements, effectively grabbing people’s attention and sparking conversations, especially in high-traffic areas. 

 At RTЯ Bag, we want to help businesses stand out in the competitive retail industry. You need a strategy to set your brand apart from the competitors. That’s why we’re here to provide you with packaging items with a design that is uniquely yours. Rely on us to craft something that will elevate your brand recognition. We are confident that our design capabilities will impress you and your customers. Let us know if you have a desired look or print, and we will incorporate it. 

 Our company places emphasis on merging art and sustainability. With our eco-friendly packaging, you are also showing your commitment to sustainable business practices. As a result, you are attracting customers because of your concern for the environment. Today, there is a rise in eco-conscious consumers who support businesses doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. 

 Watch the videos below for more information about our eye-catching packaging and bags.

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